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Nixer Online Tax Returns

Nixer Online Tax Returns
Special Member Offer
Nixer Online Tax Returns

FREE online tax returns for junior doctors through the Nixer platform.


FREE online tax returns for junior doctors through the Nixer platform.


Visit the Nixer website, create an account and follow the prompts to complete your tax return.

Founded in 2015, Nixer is one of Australia’s most innovative online tax agents, offering a unique online tax experience built for members of the Australian Medical Association (WA).

Nixer has partnered with the AMA (WA) and has a special offer for junior doctor members.

Unsure of what you can claim?  Nixer specialises in the medical industry and has created a help section to assist with all of your queries.

Every tax return is carefully reviewed by Nixer’s team of qualified accountants to check for accuracy and to help you find extra deductions.

Need help? You can live chat with one of the experienced accountants or consult the support centre.

Detailed Product information:

Nixer’s online platform makes completing your tax return a simple and efficient process.

Nixer’s tax return will prompt you through entering your personal details and then through all of your taxation information such as:

  • Employment income and deductions
  • Contracting income and deductions
  • Investment income and expenses
  • Private health insurance
  • Donations
  • Income protection
  • Super contributions
  • Spouse details
  • Rental properties
  • Capital gains

Once completing your return through the platform, Nixer’s team of qualified accountants will review it and send it to you for signing.

Once signed, Nixer will lodge the return directly with the Australian Taxation Office.

*this offer is for junior doctor members only.