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AMVS - Australian Motor Vehicle Service
Special Member Offer
AMVS are your vehicle buying specialists. They deal in all brands of new vehicles. Buying new vehicles on behalf of members is what they do.  This is a free service, so there is no downside to engaging AMVS for your next purchase.  Key value points from AMVS:Able to beat 99.9% of..
Fleet 1st Automotive Buying Specialists Fleet 1st Automotive Buying Specialists
Special Member Offer
Brand: Fleet 1st Model: AMAWA_FF
No Cost car buying solutionsHOW DO I REDEEMContact George Neri directly on 0405 407 066 to take advantage of all the fleet/corporate benefits for the private buyer.Every month Fleet 1st save ordinary car buyers thousands on their next new cars - including AMA (WA) members like you!It’s free, fast an..
Mitsubishi Motors - An exclusive offer for AMA (WA) Members
Special Member Offer
Brand: AMA WA Model: AMAWA_Mitsubishi
Purchase any new Mitsubishi vehicle and you’ll receive*National Fleet Discount with Diamond Advantage, which consists of:✓ 10 Years Warranty✓ 10 Years Capped Price Servicing✓ Four years Roadside Assist (when servicing requirements are maintained)Talk to your local Mitsubishi dealer to..
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